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Monochrome lcd display screen is very familiar in our life, we used it in many electronic device, even there are more and more color tft lcd display is coming in our life, but we still use the monochrome lcd screen, what are the reasons? one of the reason is the cost competitive of monochrome lcd panel, the other reason would be the tooling cost of monochrome lcd display panel is much cheaper color tft lcd, the monochrome lcd display panel could be fully custom make.
as the monochrome lcd display, what things we need to know when making it:

First if you like to custom make a monochrome lcd
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display module, the technical details you need to confirm would be :
1. Outline sizes
2. Viewing area of custom lcd
3. Display pattern of custom made lcd
4. Display mode
5. Driving condition of custom made lcd
6. Polarizer mode of monochrome lcd
7. Connection way of custom lcd
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